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Let’s face it, as much as well all love sports betting it is not easy to pick up wins or profit on a regular basis. Failing to pick up wins or experiencing loses can drive many punters to look to alternatives to placing their own bets, this often leads to following others bets or joining a paid betting group on Whatsapp or on Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps you’ve seen a ticket from a group with a big win, or several punters are praising the success of someone they follow and wanted to join in for a fee to get in on the action. In this blog post we are going to explain why you should approach any paid betting group with caution.

Stay away from Paid Betting groups

Loses in sports betting are never easy to take, especially when you are playing an accumulator or multi bet with a big payout. Punters often find themselves one or 2 legs short and turn to a betting group instead of persisting or improving their betting strategy or research. They then turn to a betting group for quick instant success, because if you’re paying for tips then the tips must be good, right?

Wrong! Paying a fee to join a paid group of random punters is absolute madness. Ask yourself a few simple questions before paying that R150 to a complete stranger on the internet;

  • Is there any record keeping or track record on the tips?
  • Why do I need betting tips when I can research my own?
  • Why am I paying R150 for tips from someone I don’t know?
  • How much do I need to bet to before I can start making money?
  • Am I expecting good winning tips for only R150?

Is your paid betting group actually making money?

The biggest reason to pay to join a betting group is obviously to make money using someone else’s tips. Any good paid betting service will have a record of bets taken and over all profit loss, this will be presented before you join the group or service. Many paid Whatsapp betting groups don’t do this, you simply pay R150 to see the posted tips, which more often than not are favourites included in a accumulator.

You must also consider that you’ve now forked out R150 to join the betting group, which you’ll need to make up in winnings before you even start to make a profit. That’s like getting yourself into debt to make money. This isn’t a problem for punters who bet large amounts, but anyone betting less than R50 will need several winning bets in a row to start making money, losing bets will set you even further back.

Some are worth joining if the group offers a money back guarantee, where you’ll get your subscription fee back if the month isn’t profitable. If they follow through on this claim then they might be worth following.

What about free betting groups on Facebook, Twitter etc?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with joining a FREE betting group, they’re a great place to find info, opinions and see what others are betting on. However, they are most certainly not good for following other punters bets. Remember that these are complete strangers on the internet, you know nothing about their betting history, experience and knowledge but at least you are not paying for the privilege of their tips.

Spend your R150 on actual bets

An alternative to throwing away your R150 on a Whatsapp betting group with no track record is to use the money you were going to pay for the service on actual bets. That way you start off on even footing and don’t need to win R150 just to break even, you’re already even! Rather do your own research on how to bet, or look at some betting strategies and use the money on bets you’ve researched yourself. We promise the win will be so much sweeter.

If you’ve had a good or bad experience with a paid whatsapp betting group then let us know in the comments below!

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